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What is The Next Step If Creatinine Is 1.56

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What is The Next Step If Creatinine Is 1.56What is the next step if creatinine level 1.56?This must be a common problem for all the renal patients once they get elevation of creatinine level. Once patients get high creatinine, they should pay attention and take effective measures to reduce it. In this following article, you can get further understanding.

Let’s first learn the meaning of creatinine 1.56.

Creatinine is the waste product of muscle metabolism, and it is mainly excreted by kidneys. The normal level of creatinine in blood is 0.5-1.3 mg/dl. Once creatinine level is higher than normal range, it means kidneys have been damaged more than 50%. The higher creatinine level is, the lower kidney function left for patients. So renal patients should pay attention and take effective treatment to lower it. The earlier people take treatment, the better prognosis they will get.

Them what is the next step if creatinine level is 1.56? Here are some suggestions provided by renal doctor in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

- Keep a good diet. People should limit meat intake, because the meat metabolism in blood can produce more creatinine, which can increase kidney burden.

- Avoid taking strenuous exercises. Taking strenuous exercises can increase muscle metabolism, and this can also increase creatinine level in blood.

- Take medicines like diuretics, this can help increase your kidney burden, and creatinine can be excreted through urine output. But you should follow guidelines from professional doctor, who can prescribe right medicine based on your own condition.

- Take treatment to improve kidney function. We know that creatinine 1.56 is mainly caused by low kidney function, so you should take treatment to restore renal function. Chinese medicine treatment will be a good choice, because it can remedy the disease from root.

Above are about the suggestions for creatinine level 1.56. Once your creatinine level get elevated, you should follow advice from professional doctors, and you must take prompt treatment to improve your kidney function. Then you can get a better prognosis. If you want to learn more details of the treatment, you can send e-mail to, or contact online doctor for free help.

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