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What Is the Best Thing to Do If A Person Is in High Creatinine Level

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What Is the Best Thing to Do If A Person Is in High Creatinine LevelA person with high creatinine level should pay highly attention to their body health, because it may reflect different healthy problems. Well then, what is the best thing to do if you have high creatinine level?

To be frank, temporary creatinine level may be triggered by different underlying conditions such as dehydration, side effects of some medications, diabetes, hypertension, etc. However, if one person’s blood creatinine keeps in high level permanently, it is more likely to indicate the kidney problems, namely the decline of renal function, because in clinic, creatinine level won’t increase until half of renal function has been damaged.

Here, we mainly talk about best things for high creatinine level due to kidney disease. If you have questions after you read, you can email to us at or leave a message below directly.

Since creatinine has a close link with kidney filteration and creatine, the natural remedies should start from these aspects, like scientific Diet plan, lifestyle changes and medical therapy.

1. Dietary modifications

In order to reduce impaired kidneys’ burden, patients are generally required to limit sodium and protein intake. Excessive sodium tends to cause or worsen fluid retention and high blood pressure, so as to aggravate patients’ illness condition. Therefore, a low-sodium diet is very necessary. If you are looking to lower creatinine levels, you had better stay away from protein-rich foods like fat meat and dairy products. As for the amount of protein intake, it should depend on patients' individual conditions. In addition, you also should avoid creatine supplements.

2. Healthy lifestyles

Since the strenuous activities can prompt creatine to convert into creatinine more quickly, creatinine level will become higher. From the point, high creatinine level patients should avoid strenuous exercise such as football, basketball, running. Some gentle or moderate exercise like Yoga, walking, swimming, and so on is OK. In addition, it is important to give up smoking, drinking alcohol and staying up.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this therapy is honored as fundamental kidney disease treatment. This is because it is proven to be natural and effective on reversing kidney damage and purifying patients' blood. As long as kidney function is increased, more and more creatinine and other toxins can be removed from the body. Then, patients' kidneys can work optimally by themselves rather than kidney replacement therapy like dialysis.

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