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Is Creatinine 1.5 Dangerous for A Person with Only One Kidney

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Is Creatinine 1.5 Dangerous for A Person with Only One KidneyIs creatinine 1.5 dangerous for a person with only one kidney? Patients who has the condition will concern more about the question. Well then, what on earth is the result? Here you will find the answer.

Creatinine level information:

Generally speaking, creatinine level is red flag of declined kidney function and mark how well kidneys can clean the body of metabolic wastes. Normally, normal levels of creatinine in blood approximately range from 0.5-1.1mg/dl for females and 0.6-1.2mg/dl for males.

How does 1.5 creatinine level occur in person with one kidney?

For people with one kidney, nearly all blood needs to flow through kidneys and gets purified. The filtering rate of one kidney is much slower than rate of two kidneys, so these people’s creatinine level is usually a litter higher than the normal level.

Well then, is 1.5 creatinine dangerous for person with one kidney?

In conclusion, if your creatinine level is slightly higher than the normal figure, you need not worry. What’s more, the kind of creatinine level is not a dangerous sign of declined kidney function. In the case, you are recommended to keep a proper diet plan and healthy lifestyles to guarantee your kidney work very well and avoid further kidney damage.

However, if your creatinine level increases to 1.8 or above, it must attract your close attention. If left uncontrolled, your renal function will become worse and worse. Finally, kidney damage may occur. In the case, you should receive some protective and repairing treatments as soon as possible, so that you can stop damage timely.

Here, we will recommend Immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Both of them not only help kidney remove wastes from the body to reduce the workload on this only one kidney but also help improve patients’ kidney function and immunity. Any questions, you can email to us at or chat with us on Whatsapp or Viber +8615512139310! We are ready to help you!

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