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Can High Creatinine Level Cause Kidney Failure

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Kidney failure is such a serious condition that kidney fails to excrete the toxins and waste product out of the body. Creatinine is one kind of the waste products. Its accumulation in the blood will damage the kidney function. But can high creatinine level cause kidney failure?

Creatinine level is indeed the indicator of kidney function. But slight increase of creatinine level is not easy to detect because one kidney can also discharge creatinine out and keep it in the normal level. But when one kidney can not afford the burden, creatinine will increasingly accumulate in the blood thus lead to high creatinine level.

Can high creatinine level cause kidney failure?

At normal circumstance, we own two kidneys. As long as one kidney functions, the creatinine level will be kept in the normal range, which is 0.5 to 1.3mg/dl. But once creatinine level elevates in your lab test report, it usually indicates that half of the kidney function has lost. With the continuously increase of creatinine in the blood, the kidney function will be hurt severely. When it develops into chronic kidney disease, with no treatment, it will finally enter kidney failure.

To what level can creatinine cause kidney failure?

The higher of creatinine level is, the greater degree of kidney damage is. In the medical field, there is a classification of chronic kidney disease according to the creatinine level. When creatinine level rise to 5 mg/dl, it means that the kidney function is severely damaged and kidney failure occurs.

With what methods can high creatinine level be lowered?

Since high creatinine level can cause kidney failure, treatment to lower high creatinine level is of great importance.

Dialysis is the common method to lower high creatinine level. It can help kidney discharge the wastes out of the body. If the creatinine level is too high, you can take dialysis to meet an emergency. If there are some discomforts, you should talk to your doctor immediately.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is effective to lower high creatinine level by repairing the damaged glomerular filtration membrane. It is an externally used therapy. The active herbal ingredients can permeate into the kidney lesions through an osmosis device. Once the glomerular filtration membrane is repaired, creatinine will be discharged and the high creatinine level will be decreased naturally.

High creatinine level is dangerous to kidney function, it will cause kidney failure to a certain degree. You can go to hospital to have a blood test to detect the creatinine level. If your creatinine level is high, you should take a treatment as soon as possible or you can send your lab test report to ***, our kidney doctor will reply aimed at your own condition.

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