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Treatment for High Creatinine Levels in Blood

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Treatment for High Creatinine Levels in BloodHigh creatinine level has a close relationship with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, but not all high creatinine level is caused by kidney damage. Anyway, how to lower elevated creatinine level must be the one of concerned questions among patients. Well then, what treatment can be used for lowering high creatinine levels in blood?

To be frank, to find out the effective treatments, it is important to make sure the underlying causes.

1. Dehydration or lack of water intake can cause blood concentration and reduced blood flow in the kidneys. Then, creatinine level will increase.

Solutions: drink more water and go to see the doctor.

2. Over tiredness, lack of rest or long-term strenuous exercise can cause elevation of creatinine level.

Solutions: have a regularly rest; avoid doing strenuous exercise.

3. Intake of drugs that have renal toxicity can cause high creatinine which can even be irreversible.

Solution: regulate the dosage of medicines under the doctor’s guidance; look for alternative medications.

4. Badly controlled high blood pressure can cause high creatinine level

Solution: taking medicines like ACEIs or ARBs. Do moderate exercises like Tai Chi, yoga, jogging, walking and so on.

5. Kidney disease also can induce high creatinine level, especially when half of renal function has been damaged.

Treatments: if high creatinine level is caused by kidney disease, it is important to repair kidney damage and improve renal function. Only doing that, can we lower high creatinine level from the root. However, simply western medication intake cannot reach the goal. However, Traditional Chinese Medicines are different. There are many natural herbs that can help cleanse the kidneys and improve filtering functions so as to wash more creatinine and other wastes out of the body, like dandelion root and leaves, corn silk, nettle leaf and so on.

In addition, Immunotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are all effective and natural treatment which cannot repair kidney damage but also can help avoid dialysis or kidney transplantation. To know details, please do feel free to click these treatments. Any questions, please talk with our Online Doctor or leave a message below directly.

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