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Is A Creatinine Level 1.8 Real Dangerous

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Is A Creatinine Level 1.8 Real DangerousCreatinine level 1.8 is much higher than the normal range which ranges from 0.5 to 1.3mg/dl. Since it is usually taken as an indicator of renal function, many patients worry that whether they have kidney disease or not when they have elevated creatinine level. Well then, is a creatinine level 1.8 real dangerous?

As the mentioned above, creatinine is a common waste produced in our body and it is always measured to reflect kidney function as kidney is responsible for excreting excess creatinine in blood. Normally, the kidney is composed of about one million nephron and when only a very small amount of nephron are injured, residual kidney function is potent enough to remove excess creatinine in blood. Therefore, in early stage of kidney disease, creatinine level does not increase at all. Also, this is the reason why kidney disease in early stage causes no symptoms or discomforts at all.

However, through the comparison, we can see that creatinine level 1.8 is obviously higher than the normal range, which indicates that there is something wrong with your kidneys. Generally speaking, 1.8 creatinine level suggests patients may in Stage 2 or Stage 3 Kidney Disease. Therefore, an elevated creatinine level should draw your attention and needs immediate treatments. If left untreated, along with the progression of kidney damage, creatinine level will become more and more higher. In most condition, when creatinine level reaches to 5, dialysis will be suggested to you. We can see that creatinine 1.8 is far away from 5, therefore, in order to stop progression and reduce the high creatinine level, we should do the following things:

1. Drink more water (if patients do not suffer from swelling or fluid-retention)

2. Have a low-protein diet and low-salt diet

3. Avoid strenuous exercises

4. Take herbal tea like dandelion tea, nettle leaf tea, corn silk tea and so on.

5. Repair kidney damage and improve renal function through natural treatments like Foot Bath, Maikang Mixture, Hot Compress Therapy and so on.

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