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Is It Needed to Have a Artrtiovenous Fistula for Creatinine 3.7

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Is It Needed to Have a Artrtiovenous Fistula for Creatinine 3.7Creatinine 3.7 is much higher than the normal range which means that much toxins and wastes have deposited in the body. Sometimes, it suggests that you have progressed to Stage 3 Kidney Disease with moderate kidney damage. Well then, is it needed to have a artriovenous fistula for creatinine 3.7?

A fistula used for hemodialysis is a direct connection of an artery to a vein. Once the fistula is created it is a natural part of the body. This is the preferred type of access because once the fistula properly matures and gets bigger and stronger; it provides an access with good blood flow that can last for decades.To be frank, creatinine level 3.7 is far away from dialysis. Generally speaking, when creatinine level reaches to 5 or above, dialysis may be suggested to patients. However, sometimes, patients can still live a normal life with 5 creatinine level without dialysis due to good physical status. What’s more, creatinine level is not a reliable indicator to reflect kidney function if compared to glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Once kidney function goes below 10 to 15 percent of normal, dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant are necessary to sustain life.

Well then, how to decrease creatinine level 3.7?

In our center point, we do use natural treatments. If you have interest to know more details, you can email us to or leave a message below directly.

 Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Through stopping the excess inflammatory reaction in the kidneys, preserving the remaining kidney function, repairing the impaired renal cells and tissues, and promoting the renal function, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can work to help the kidneys function better. In this way, high creatinine and BUN levels will not increase in the future but can be lowered naturally over time. In addition, diet therapy and healthy lifestyles are very important to lower high creatinine level and protect kidney from the further damage.

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