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Which Ayurvedic Medicine Is Suitable for Creatinine 11

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Which Ayurvedic Medicine Is Suitable for Creatinine 11“My father creatinine level is 11 and he is on dialysis for 1 year, which ayurvedic medicine is suitable for him?” The words come from one person who consult our online service. Now, for the question, let’s have a see the passage.

To be frank, creatinine 11 is so extremely higher than the normal range, which means that the patient has progressed into end stage renal disease(ESRD). In the stage, dialysis is usually used to help the damaged kidneys to work, discharging extra wastes and toxins from the body, including creatinine level. But some patients will still suffer from high creatinine level after dialysis due to insufficient dialysis or adverse effects.

Well then, is ayurvedic medicine helpful for patients?

Ayurvedic medicine is a very old health care system and originated from ancient India.It includes a number of treatment methods,such as lifestyle changes, healthy diet, massage, herbal medicine etc.It has been used to treat a variety of conditions.Ayurvedic medicine can help control some complications of kidney disease and improve the patients’ overall condition.By promoting the excretion of wastes from body,it can lower high creatinine and BUN to some extent.However, they are not enough to restore the impaired kidney structure and improve renal function.

Well then, how to lower creatinine level from the root?

In Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, China, what we should do is to repair kidney damage and improve renal function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, Immunotherapy and so on can be available for you. Of course, which treatment is suitable for you need to depend on your illness condition and our doctor will suggest you after analyzing your test report. Any questions, you can email us to or leave a message below directly.

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