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Is There A Treatment for High Creatinine Level 2.15

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Is There A Treatment for High Creatinine Level 2.15Is there a treatment for high creatinine level 2.15? The question is often heard when the doctor tells your creatinine level is higher than the normal range. Actually, many factors contribute to causing the condition. Only finding out the underlying cause of increased creatinine level, can you take the effective measures to reduce it.

Kidney Disease and Creatinine 2.15

Creatinine is closely dependent on muscle mass as it is a byproduct of muscle breakdown, which are discharged out of the body by the health kidneys as wastes. Since your muscle mass won’t change much in a short time, the generation of creatinine is stable. Therefore, if creatinine level increases, it means that kidney cannot excrete it effectively. What’s more, the creatinine level is usually taken as the an indicator of renal function. As for 2.15 creatinine level, it indicates that you are in the late of Stage 2 CKD and beginning of Stage 3 CKD.


In the condition, lowering high creatinine level is not the end goal. It is important to repair kidney damage and improve renal function. A natural and effective treatment - Medicated Bath can be your new choice. It is a natural therapy which is used for eliminating diseases and strengthening health by soaking your body in natural herbal juice. It also shows great effects in improving kidney functions and releasing kidney disease symptoms. In addition, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also play a significant role in enhancing kidney cells’ self-handling ability. More detailed process, you can email to or leave a message below directly.

Other conditions

Not all high creatininie level can be caused by the kidney disease. Other conditions like improper diet, strenuous exercises, dehydration, etc also can lead to elevated creatinine level.


-reduce or avoid intake of meat.

-drink more water

-reduce the muscle activities

-take medicines under the guidance of the doctor.

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