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Vegetarian Diet for Lowering Serum Creatinine Level

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Vegetarian Diet for Lowering Serum Creatinine LevelSerum Creatinine Level is an indicator of kidney function. Usually, an elevated creatinine level is more likely to indicate there is something wrong with your kidneys. A balanced diet plays an important part in reducing serum creatinine level. Well then, is there any vegetarian diet for lowering high creatinine level?

Yes! In order to give you clearing guidelines, the following contents can be our reference. If you have any questions or you are looking for more tips for lowering high creatinine level, you can talk with our Online Doctors or email to

As we all know, creatinine is the metabolic of our muscle activity and the meat we eat, hence, it is better for patients to keep a vegetarian diet plan.

1. Dietary sources of creatine and creatinine are only found within animal products. Therefore, you should reduce intake or even avoid taking meat. You can reduce the animal meat intake to lowering your creatinine level.

2. Eating a largely plant based diet can be helpful for lowering high creatinine level.

3. Vegetables and fruits are high in vitamins, fibers, trace elements and many other nutritions which are all necessary for repairing and revitalizing renal tissues. Only these problems get solved, other symptoms like high creatinine level also can be well treated.

4. Dairy products such as mile, cheese, cream, yoghurt, ice cream and butter, have been shown in clinical research that they will deteriorate the kidney disease. So patients need to get rid of these foods.

In addition, to lower high creatinine level, there are many things you should pay attention to.

1. Do moderate exercises rather than strenuous exercise.

2. Avoid intake of creatine supplements.

3. Repair kidney damage and improve renal function.

To be frank, it is hard to repair kidney damage by simple diet management and western drugs. But the therapeutic effect will be different with the Chinese Medicine Treatment, like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you are interest, just ask us!

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