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Can High Creatinine Level Be Controlled by Diet

2015-02-08 12:46| Font Size A A A

Can High Creatinine Level Be Controlled by DietHigh creatinine level is one typical symptom for Kidney Failure or Chronic Kidney Disease patients. Along with high creatinine level, patients are prone to suffer from symptoms like nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, high blood pressure, etc. Well then, can high creatinine level be controlled by Diet?

Sometime, improper diet also can elevate creatinine level. But it can reduce down easily by regulating diet plan. You should do the following changes:

High quality protein

High quality protein contains more essential amino acids, which can be absorbed by your body so as to reduce the production of waste products. Egg white, lean meat, poultry without skin, milk and so on are all high quality protein. But too much protein intake will also increase the workload of kidneys so as to worsen proteinuria.

Vegetables and fruits with high vitamins

Vitamins are antioxidants, which can neutralize free radicals in your body and strengthen immune system so as to help you fight against the disease. Fresh vegetables and fruits are packed with rich vitamins, so you should add them into your diet.

Food low in sodium

Sodium retains water in your body and raises blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure and edema, you should limit the intake of sodium and eat food low in sodium.

For kidney disease patients, to prevent increase of serum creatinine level, simple diet is not enough. We should do the following things. If you have any trouble in dealing with the condition, please mail to or leave a message below.

-Increase renal filtration function

-Increase bloodstream in kidney

-Repair kideng damage

-Improve kidney function


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