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Food List for High Creatinine Level

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Food List for High Creatinine LevelNowadays, more and more people ask the food list to lower high creatinine level on the Internet. Because high creatinine level may indicate more serious condition like kidney disease, which can induce many symptoms like high blood pressure, swelling, fatigue, nausea and vomiting and so on. Indeed, a scientific and healthy diet plan play a significant role. Now let’s have a look at the food list for lowering elevated creatinine level.

First of all, we should find out the possible causes of high creatinine level.

In medical area, creatinine level is usually taken as the reliable indicator to reflect how well your kidneys are working. Once your creatnine level increases, it is possible that more than half of renal function has been damaged. Because the damaged kidney fails to discharge extra wastes and toxins from the body. Then, dehydration is the common symptom for patients with kidney damage. Meanwhile, the symptom also can induce high creatinine level.

The food we choose is to repair kidney damage and protect renal function. If you do not have no idea about how to deal with your high creatinine level, the following dietary principles can be helpful for you. Any questions, be free to email to or leave a message below directly.

1. Follow a low-salt diet

A low-salt is very important to reduce kidneys’ burden for patients with kidney damage. Because high-salt intake will aggravate water-sodium retention, rising high blood pressure.

2. Follow a low quantities but high-quality protein diet

Eating too much protein will produce many wastes that need to be discharged via kidneys. With high creatinine level, protein intake will increase the kidney’s burden. You can take some high-quality protein which can produce few wastes.

3. Drink more water

Water is the best cleaner of our the body. Drinking more water can increase urine output, so as to discharge extra wastes and toxins from the body. But you should limit intake of your fluid intake if you have swelling.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients like vitamins. Patients also can regulate their immune system and strengthen immunity.

5. Control the intake of meat

Many kinds of meat contain cratine, which is a good source of creatinine. Limiting intake of meat can be helpful for lowering creatinine level to some extent.

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