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Is Orange Good For Patients with High Creatinine Level

2015-01-26 14:01| Font Size A A A

Is Orange Good For Patients with High Creatinine LevelOrange is the delicious fruit which is favored by more and more people. The fruit contains many healthy nutrients which are good for human healthy, while for patients with high creatinine level, is it OK to eat the fruit? Follow me and find out the answer.

The causes of high creatinine level.

Actually, the extra creatinine in the body should be discharged out of the blood by the healthy kidneys, while when there is something wrong with the kidneys, they will lose the ability. Therefore, elevated creatinine level can be caused by severe kidney damage. Of course, other condition such as dehydration, strenuous exercises, too much meat intake and so on all cause high creatinine level.

Then, is orange good for lowering high creatinine level?

To be frank, there is no evidence which can prove that the fruit can lower high creatinine level. But as a matter of fact, some ingredients within fruit can be good for patients who have kidney damage. Because it can help kidney disease patients from the following aspects:

1. Strengthen immune system

Orange is rich in vitamin C which can strengthen immune system and enhance immunity which can protect patients from cold or flu.

2. Reduce high cholesterol level

Orange is also a fruit which contains dietary fiber and pectin, and they can help reduce the cholesterol level in blood. So, orange is a fruit which can help prevent arteriosclerosis, and that is very helpful for patients with high creatinine, because cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death

3. preventing arteriosclerosis

Orange contains hesperidn, which is a substance that can increase the toughness of blood capillaries, and it also has the effect of reducing blood pressure and expanding coronary artery of heart.

However, some kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from high potassium level. Unlucky, orange is a good source of potassium. However, high potassium level patients are suggested to limit intake of potassium level. In view of this point, patients are not suggested to to eat orange too much. As for how much you can take, please contact our Online Doctor or mail to

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