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What Food Can You Eat to Lower High Creatinine Level

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What Food Can You Eat to Lower High Creatinine LevelDiagnosing with high creatinine level, you may often suggested to develop a strict dietary restrictions so as to reduce its level and protect your remaining kidney function. Well then, what food can you eat to lower high creatinine level?

Generally speaking,creatinine levels indicate how well your kidneys are working. A waste product of creatine, a chemical your muscles use for energy. In normal condition, creatinine is cleared out of your blood solely by our kidneys. However, once the kidneys are damaged by some factors, your kidney will lose the ability. When your kidney function decreases to 50% or even less, creatinine level in your blood can be elevated. Therefore, the food you eat should not only can lower high creatinine level but also can protect kidney from further damage.

Therefore, patients must know which foods can eat and which foods to limit.

Foods to help lower high creatinine level.

Low quantities but high quality protein intake can be recommended to patients such as fish, milk, egg white and so on. Low potassium level food can be available for patients such as blueberries, grapes, pears, blackberries, strawberries,radish, rhubarb, water chestnuts, watercress, squash and so on.

Food to limit with high creatinine level.

High-potassium foods to avoid include tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, chocolate and nuts. People with kidney disease should avoid the sodium content of foods such as fast food, frozen meals, canned vegetables, pickled or cured meats, canned soups, cheese, salted pretzels and salted potato chips. Foods that contain high levels of phosphorus include corn, chocolate, dairy products, fish and eggs. Red meat, poultry, fish and nuts have high levels of protein.

Actually, there is no certain food you can eat or not because every patients have different illness condition. Therefore, you can choose a proper diet plan according to your illness condition. If you do not know what you can eat, please talk with our Online Doctors for an individualized suggestion.

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