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Creatinine Level 6.1 Increases to 7.2 in One Month: What Can You Do

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Creatinine Level 6.1 Increases to 7.2 in One Month: What Can You DoCreatinine level is usually taken as a reliable indicator to measure kidney function, and high creatinine level accordingly can be a typical symptom for kidney disease patients. However, when your creatinine level 6.1 increases to 7.2 in one month, what can you do?

Actually, creatinine level 6.1 has been much higher than the normal range which means that you kidney has been damaged severely, let alone creatinine 7.2. In general, creatinine level couldn’t increase so quickly. If it keep increasing, it means that your illness condition also keep progressing. Creatinine level 7.2 means part of glomerular is sclerotic. And toxin created by body can’t be expelled out of body completely, so there is much toxin in her kidneys, these toxin flows into blood and body through blood circulation, then blood is polluted. So creatinine level keeps increasing quickly.

So what she should do now is taking treatment to prevent kidneys from further damage and repair the reversible kidney cells, also expel the toxin out of the body completely and improve blood circulation. As along as kidney function is improved, high creatinine level can be lowered naturally.

At our Treatment center point, we do recommend Blood Pollution Therapy+Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The former is a characterized treatment which aims at cleaning polluted blood. During the process, many methods are used to cleanse the blood, activating blood, removing stasis and improving self-healing system, according to the patients specific condition. In this way, excessive creatinine can be eliminated effectively; the later treatment is a combination of Chinese herbal medicines and advanced medical technology, but used externally. It not only can clean blood but also can repair kidney damage fundamentally.

In addition, patients should also follow a scientific and healthy diet so as to strengthen therapeutic effects. For more detailed info, you can leave a message below or talk with our Online Doctors directly.

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