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Treatment for High Creatinine Level 2.8

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Treatment for High Creatinine Level 2.8High creatinine level is always associated with kidney disease which means kidney function has been seriously damaged. Generally, only when kidney function is less than 50%, can the serum creatinine be high. For creatinine 2.8, it is much higher than the normal range, so that systematic treatment should be applied to improve renal function.

In order to reduce creatinine level and increase kidney function, she should pay attention to both diet and treatment. Kidney experts in our Treatment center point remind patients to follow the diet, which can do some help.

Control the intake of protein

In general, patients with kidney failure should limit intake of protein. They can eat some low protein foods to maintain the normal nutrition of the body. However, if patients are doing dialysis, they need to ingest much more protein and some of them should be high quality, like fish, meat and milk.

Do not eat much meat

Because meat contains high creatine which can increase the level of creatinine. Patients with high creatinine has better not eat too much meat.

Reduce intake of sodium

Kidney’s damage results in excessive fluid and sodium building up in the body, leading to edema. Sodium tends to promote water retention. So patients need to avoid salty foods, like pickles, bacon, potato soup, cheese sauce, etc.

Avoid doing strenuous physical activity

Strenuous exercise can produce more creatinine and increase the level of creatinine.

Aside from diet plan, Chinese medical treatment should be also applied so as to lower high creatinine level from the root. Here we do recommend Hot Compress Therapy which are widely used for repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function, thus lowering high creatinine level. Aside from it, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is available for you. Maybe you have never heard the therapy, but the treatment indeed has achieved obvious effects for treating kidney disease. Any questions, please mail us to or leave a message below directly.

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