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The Innovated Treatment to Lower High Creatinine Level

2014-11-16 10:48| Font Size A A A

The Innovated Treatment to Lower High Creatinine LevelHigh creeatinine level is always associated with severe kidney damage and if it become extremely higher than the normal range, the common treatment is the dialysis in western countries. However, in China, we do use an innovated treatment namely Chinese medical therapies.

Why we do not adopt dialysis to lower elevated creatinine level?

In west countries, dialysis is usually given in early time, when the creatinine increased to 300-650umol/L,(GFR low 45) doctor would suggest make fistula and prepare for hemodialysis. Dialysis is a kidney machine, replace the kidney doing it’s work. It can expel some micromolecule from body, but some macromolecular substances just like D2Polymers, HYC (homocysteine) can not be expelled. This macromelecular substance will cause much more damage. Patients can not break away from dialysis if he did dialysis for a long time, at last they will do the kidney transplant.

Then, how to lower high creatinine level in our treatment center?

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, we do use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Chinese medicine moxibustion therapy (innovated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ) to treat kidney disease. According to experiences of many years’ kidney disease treatments, we have found that any kidney disease is the blood disease which refers the blood is polluted by various factors. The Omsotherapy is an external application of herbal medicine. Under the help of osmosis device, the active ingredients which has function of cleaning toxins can be permeated into kidney lesions. And the Moxibustion therapy aims at regulating Qi, dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and so on. In this way, the wastes and toxins can be discharged effectively. All in all, through the treatment, kidney function can recover gradually. In addition, if the osmotherapy combines other treatments like Stem Cell Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath and so on, the therapeutic effect can be better. More detailed info, please feel free to contact our online doctors or leave a message below and we will do our best to help you.

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