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Are Antiemetics Can Lower High Creatinine Level

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Are Antiemetics Can Lower High Creatinine LevelSome antiemetics may be prescribed by your doctor since the vomiting is the common symptom of high creatinine level. Well then, are antimetics can lower high creatinine level?

To be frank, creatinine level is an indicator to reflect how well your kidneys are working. It is the metabolic products of creatine phosphate in our muscles. Normally, the healthy kidneys is responsible to discharge extra creatinine from the body and kept it within the normal level. When creatinine level increases, it is possible to mean that there is something wrong with your kidneys. And our kidney has strong compensatory ability so that half of renal function can guarantee our body’s normal work. Therefore, if your creatinine level is much higher than the normal range (0.5-1.3mg/dl for adults), it implies that you have lost 50 percent of renal function.

Why high creatinine level patients take antiemetics?

Antiemetic is a kind of drug that is effective against vomiting and nausea. Antiemetics are typically used to treat motion sickness. Nausea and vomiting is the commonly seen in patients with high creatinine level. Because it means that a large amount of toxins and wastes build up in the body and when these harmful and useless substances enter into the gastrointestinal tract along with the blood microcirculation. Consequently, vomiting will occur.

Well then, can antiemetics lower high creatinine level?

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to prove these drugs can lower high creatinine level. As a matter of fact, it is only help inhibit the vomiting and nausea but fails to lower high creatinine level. On the contrary, overdoes of the drug also can bring certain side effects which can worsen illness condition. Well then, how to lower high creatinine level?

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, we do recommend natural remedy rather than dialysis, like Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath and so on. And they are not only can repair kidney damage but also can lower high creatinine level.

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