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Why Does Creatinine 611umol/L Relapse After Dialysis

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Why Does Creatinine 611umol/L Relapse After DialysisAlong with kidney damage, a common symptom will occur in kidney disease, namely high creatinine level. The common treatment to lower high creatinine level is the dialysis. Well then, some people also complain that “why does creatinine 611umol/L relapse after dialysis?”

Creatinine is waste product of creatine phosphate in our muscle and the breakdown products of the meat products we eat. In most cases, the healthy kidney is responsible to discharge extra creatinine from body. Once the kidney gets the damage and can not work properly, creatinine will pile up in the blood, causing high creatinine level. Generally speaking, due to the strong compensatory ability of kidneys, high creatinine level won’t increase until half of renal function has been lost.

Why does high creatinine level replase after dialysis?

Creatinine level is 665umol/l means that kidney function is already damaged a lot, so toxin can't expelled out of your body normally. Most patients don't like to do dialysis. But dialysis has advantages and disadvantages. Dialysis is the quickest way to clear part of the toxin out of body. Dialysis can take over part of native kidney function. It does clear away creatinine level temporarily, but it can’t treat kidney disease and recover the damaged glomerulus. Dialysis also causes many side effects, such as fatigue, muscle cramps, itchy skin and infection.

Since kidney function is damaged, these toxin can't be expelled out of your body, so they leave in your body, including the micromolecule toxin (such as creatinine, blood urea and uric acid), the middle molecule toxin (such as the Cys-C and PTH) and the macromolecule toxin(such as the HCY, RBP and the BMG). But dialysis is only able to discharge the micromolecule toxin, it can’t clear away the middle molecule toxin and the macromolecule toxin. With so much toxin in body, it’s easy to catch heart failure.

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