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How to Bring Down High Creatinine Naturally

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How to Bring Down High Creatinine NaturallyHow to bring down high creatinine naturally? To be frank, this symptom can be life-threatening and fetal if left treatment. Actually, high creatinine level is commonly seen in kidney disease patients, but the annoyed and confused thing is that they have no idea about how to deal with this condition.

Now, more and more people may find that their creatinine level is higher than the normal range when they check in hospital due to discomforts of kidney. We can see how well your kidneys are working through measuring creatinine level correctly.

Well then, what does high creatinine level mean?

Though creatinine itself is not necessary bad product, it indicates that the kidneys have been damaged and kidney functions have been affected severely. Normally, 50 percent of kidney function can guarantee our body health. And the normal creatinine level is kept from 0.5to 1.3mg/ml by the healthy kidneys. Compared to normal, we can see that how serious high creatinine is. Maybe the illness condition has entered into stage 5 kidney disease (ESRD) or Kidney Failure.

How to bring down high creatinine naturally?

As a matter of fact, dialysis is an effective method to lower high creatinine level. It can help the kidney discharge wastes and toxins from blood. But it is not an natural and ideal treatment for repairing kidney damage. To bring down high creatinine level, we must get down to repair kidney damage. There are several natural treatment which can as your treatment reference.

Dietary tips

Drink cranberry juice as it is helpful in treatment of urinary tract infections.

Aloe Vera juice also enhances kidney functions. It helps to control blood sugar and blood pressure.

A proper fluid intake can flush out creatinine from the kidney.

Avoid red meat and foods rich in flour and sugar as they are likely to meddle with kidney functions.

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In addition to the mentioned above, at our Treatment center point, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, and Immunotherapy and so on can available for lowering high creatinine level effectively and naturally. More details, please contact us.

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