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Can Ayurvedic Medicine Reduce Creatinine Level 4.23

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Can Ayurvedic Medicine Reduce Creatinine Level 4.23High Creatinine Level is closely related with severe kidney damage. Many patients in India may have the question: Can ayurvedic medicine reduce creainine 4.23? Do you want to know the answer? Follow the passage and you may get new discovery. Or you can leave a message below or email to *** for an personalized treatment.

How serious is creatinine level 4.23?

The normal of creatinine level is 0.5-1.1mg/dl for female and 0.6-1.1mg/dl for male. Compared to normal value of creatinine, 4.23 creatinine is much higher. In clinical, once creatinine level is beyond 5mg/dl, dialysis may be recommended to your doctor. We can see that creatinine 4.23 is very near to 5. It indicates that there are many wastes and toxins in the body which is caused by the damaged kidneys. In this condition, patients may suffer from numerous symptoms like nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, dizziness, fatigue and so on. If left untreated, it’s no doubt that dialysis is applied.

Can ayurvedic medicine can reduce high creatinine level?

Ayurvedic medicine is a type of complementary and alternative medicine that originated in India. In the process of treatment, many herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine have antioxidant effects, which means that they may help protect against long term illness. Actually, although this therapy can help patients relieve various symptom tentatively, it fails to reduce high creatinine level from the underlying causes. As what I said at the beginning, high creatinine level is always associated with severe kidney damage. That’s to say, to reduce high creatinine level from the root, the urgent thing is to repair kidney damage and protect renal function.

Then, what else can we do?

In China, Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, different from the ayurvedic medicine, is recommended to you. It is an innovated form from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but used externally. It also combines with advanced western medical technology. The active ingredients can permeated into kidney lesions directly through the osmosis devices, thus getting the goals of dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, providing nutrition to the body, repairing kidney damage and protecting renal function and so on. As along as kidney function can recover from the root, high creatinine level can be reduced eventually. In addition, this therapy can help reduce frequency of dialysis or even avoid dialysis.

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