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How to Stop Vomiting in Creatinine Level 6.3

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How to Stop Vomiting in Creatinine Level 6.3Vomiting is a disorder of gastrointestinal tract and it can be caused by many factors, like indigestion, food poisoning, dizziness, high fever and so on. In sever condition, it is also associated with high creatinine level due to kidney damage. Well then, how to stop vomiting in creatinine level 6.3?

Why does vomiting occur in high creatinine level?

In medicine, one of indicators to reflect renal function is creatinine which is breakdown products of our muscle and the meat we eat. Normally, kidneys are responsible to discharge extra creatinine from the blood and keep its level within the stable status. When kidneys are not functioning well, excessive creatinine will pile up in the body, casusing high creatinine level. Creatinine 6.3 means that kidney are damaged to large extent and illness condition also develop into Stage 5 Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure. With wastes in the body, they will irritate your stomach and cause digestive symptoms. And vomiting is one of performance of digestive system.

How to stop vomiting in creatinine level 6.3?

Through the above analysis, we can know that lowering high creatinine level can treat vomiting to some extent. Then, how to do? You can email to or talk with our doctors online for an individualized treatment.

Diet therapy and health lifestyles

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables plays an important role in reducing high creatinine level. The typical fruits are grapes, blueberries and cranberries, asparagus and spinach. When you choose to some food, low-potassium and low-sodium diet are also necessary. In addition, it is important to have a high quality protein intake and eat a great amount of carbohydrates.

To reduce creatinine level, strenuous exercises are not recommended to you. Some moderate exercise like jogging, walking, etc can improve your illness condition and enhance the immunity.


Generally, dialysis may be applied when creatinine level arrives at 5, let alone creatinine 6. Although it can lower high creatinine level effectively, at the same time, it also can bring some side effects.

Repair Kidney Damage

To be frank, the mentioned above just aim at lowering high creatinine level. The underlying causes of high creatinine level 6 is the damaged kidney disease. In order to improve kidney function, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy from Traditional Chinese Medicine is recommended to you. Different Chinese herbs are closely related to patients’ medical condition. As long as kidney function is improved, kidneys can work on themselves to discharge creatinine from the body. When creatinine is removed from the body, vomiting will be alleviated or stopped.

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