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Is There Any Possibility That High Creatinine Level Is 5.5 But Kidney Function Is Normal

2014-10-17 14:35| Font Size A A A

Is There Any Possibility That High Creatinine Level Is 5.5 But Kidney Function Is NormalRecently, there are some people consult our online doctors: is there any possibility that high creatinine level is 5.5 but kidney function is normal?

In medicine, high creatinine level is an important indicator to reflect renal function. But most people do not have a well understanding about creatinine, including kidney disease patients. Experts point that when creatinine is more than the normal range, it will do harm to body health.

Well then, what does high creatinine level mean?

Generally, the normal range of creatinine level is 0.5-1.1mg/dl for female and 0.6-1.2mg/dl for male. If using the unit of umol/L to indicate, the normal range of serum creatinine level is about 44-133umol/L. If creatinine level is beyond 133umol/L, it indicates that some damage will present in kidneys, such as kidney insufficiency, Kidney Failure, etc. (133umol/L-inflammatory lesion period, 186umol/L-renal function damage, 451umol/L-kidney failure stage).

Creatinine is the breakdown of creatine phosphate in our muscle and the meat products we eat. Normally, kidney is responsible to discharge extra creatinine from the blood. In most condtion, creatinie level 5.5 means that kidney have been damaged severely and patients need to rely on dialysis to reduce it. But if you are suffering high creatinine 5.5 but kidney function is normal, since I’m not sure the sources of the your result. I can not give your a certain answer because high creatinine level is always associated with severe kidney damage. a little high creatinine level can be caused by eating too much meat or doing too much exercise. But for 5.5 creatinine level, it is too high.

Therefore, to find out the underlying causes of high creatinine level, you’d better attach your test report to or leave a message below and we will analyze it in details and then give an individualized treatment.

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