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Can Mushroom Lower High Creatinine Level

2014-10-16 10:09| Font Size A A A

Can Mushroom Lower High Creatinine LevelUsually, high creatinine level is always accompanied with severe kidney damage. Therefore, people with elevated creatinine have to pay special attention on their daily diet. They may have such question as “ can mushroom lower high creatinine level?”

As we all know, cratinine is a breakdown product that’s produced in proportion to active muscle mass and dietary intake of animal flesh. To be frank, there is no evidence to indicate that mushroom can lower high creatinine level. But this food does have many benefits for people with kidney damage if they eat in a right amount.

The benefits of mushroom for kidney disease patients

Mushroom, compared with other vegetables, is rich in various vitamins especially vitamin A and vitamin D. The content of vitamin A can strengthen the immune system and enhance immunity. And the its vitamin D content can help bone healthy with calcium, PTH and phosphorus.

In addition, it also has a large amount of tyrosinase that is good for blood circulation and can help lower high blood pressure. Also, it can help remove the more wastes from the blood and lower blood sugar. If your kidney disease is caused by hypertension or diabetes, mushroom consumption is good for protecting kidney function.

However, if you are suffering from the following symptoms, you’d better avoid eating or at least limit intake.

High potassium level but low calcium

Mushroom belongs to high potassium level but low calcium level. It happens that kidney disease patients may experience the electrolyte disorders like high potassium but low calcium. In view of this point, people with high potassium level are not suggested to eat mushroom.

High phosphorus

Mushroom is also rich in phosphorus, so people whose phosphorus level is higher than the normal had better avoid it. If you have kidney disease and love to eat mushroom, you can choose correct type of mushroom based on your illness condition.

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