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How Does High Creatinine Affect A Patient

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How Does High Creatinine Affect A PatientHow does high creatinine affect a patient? It has become a concerned question by the people who are tortured by the high creatinine level. Meanwhile, how to deal with this condition also have become one of urgent things for them. Here, for the two questions, we will talk in details in the following contents.

Actually, more and more people found that their creatinine level is higher than the normal range. In medicine, the source of creatinine mainly comes from the creatine phosphate in our muscle. Normally, healthy kidneys are responsible to discharge extra creatinine from the blood and keep it within the normal range. And some part of creatinine comes from the metabolic products of meat products we eat.

Through the mentioned above, we can see that high creatinine level can bu induced by too much meat intake and strenuous exercises as well as kidney damage. If the high creatinine level is simply caused by eating too much meat or doing strenuous exercises, it can be lowered by a short time through adjusting diet plan and lifestyles. However, if elevated creatinine level is caused by severe kidney damage, besides to proper diet and healthy lifestyles, medical treatment is also essential.

In order to prevent further kidney damage, patients with high creatinine level should do some changes in the following ways.

Diet therapy

Eating less meat is necessary to reduce kidney’s burden and protect remaining renal function. Low-sodium and proper water intake are the based requirements. To be frank, since the illness condition is different from the person to person, the dietary restrictions also differ. Therefore, if you wanna an individualized suggestion, please talk with our doctors online directly or leave a message below.

Healthy lifestyles

You should avoid doing strenuous exercises as you can as possible. Instead, you can choose the moderate way to improve your illness condition such as jogging, walking, Taichi, yoga and so on.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment

This therapy is commonly used in clinic to help lower creatinine level. What’s more, on the basis of TCM, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is created, but used externally. Kidney disease patients do not need to worry about the side effects during the treatment. Once kidney function can be recovered, not only can high creatinine be lowered, also dialysis and kidney transplant will be avoided effectively.

All in all, high creatinine level can be dangerous if left untreated. Therefore, if you have any trouble in dealing with your condition related to kidney disease,please feel free to contact us: leave a message below or email to ***

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