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Home Remedies to Lower High Creatinine Level

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Home Remedies to Lower High Creatinine LevelWhen kidneys fail to work properly, creatinine level increases in the body. Besides medication, food also plays an important role in controlling creatinine. Patients should pay attention to some foods when creatinine level is high. Here is a brief introduction in daily life. Hope you can follow it.

1.Pay attention to protein intake

Meat contains high creatine which can increase the level of creatinine. Patients with high creatinine had better not eat too much meat. Protein-rich food such as fish, eggs, poultry, red meat should be avoided. Because creatine is found mainly in such high protein foods. Creatine can be broken into creatinine. However, protein is an essential substance for our body, so we should take in proper high quality protein, which contains eight kinds of amino acid that can not be compounded by ourselves, like fish, lean meat, milk, egg white, etc. How much protein should take depends on state of illness. Generally speaking, 0.6g per day is suggested. If you are vegetarian, I suggest you take two egg whites per day.

2. Foods with low sodium

Reduce the intake of sodium. Kidney’s damage results in excessive fluid and sodium building up in the body, and much sodium can cause patient to have high blood pressure and edema, so patient should choose foods that contain less sodium in his diet. Patients need to avoid salty foods, like pickles, bacon, potato soup, cheese sauce, etc.

3. Foods with high potassium and phosphorous

For patients whose creatinine level is high, their kidneys can not filter potassium and phosphorous out of body. If there is much potassium in patients’ body, patients should stay away from high potassium foods, for example: spinach, carrot, banana and orange. If patients with kidney failure suffer from hyperphosphatemia, they can not eat nut, red chili powder, chocolate, cheese, yellow bean, gingili. They need to eat foods contained high calcium, like meaty bone, tofu and dried small shrimps.

4. Foods containing much vitamins--vegetables and fruits

Vitamin is important for body function, for example, vitamin A is very important for our immunity, so it is very important for patient with high creatinine to take foods that contain abundant vitamins, like vegetables and fruits.

5. Foods that contains abundant calcium

Patients with kidney disease often have the shortage of calcium, which can cause severe renal osteopathy, so it is important for patient to take foods that can supply abundant calcium, like broccoli, blackberry, date fruit, etc.

6. Water

It is worth mentioning that patient with high creatinine and BUN should take much water if only patient do not have obvious edema, because water is good for patient’s kidney health.

7. Avoid doing strenuous physical activity.

Strenuous exercise can produce more creatinine and increase the level of creatinine.

Hope the information can help you live a healthy life. If you have some questions or need to have more information, you are very welcome to contact us freely any time, like email us, leave us a message or talk with our online doctors. It is a pleasure that we can do you a favor.

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