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Herbs to Lower Creatinine Levels in Blood

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Herbs to Lower Creatinine Levels in BloodHigh creatinine level can be regarded as a dangerous sign for kidney disease patients. One of the urgent questions is how to lower elevated creatinine level naturally. Here we will introduce several herbs which have obvious effect on lowering its high levels.

Compared to the western drugs like diuretics, uremic clearance drug, Chinese medical herbs are more natural, safe and effective. For example,


It is a common household spice that helps regulate blood sugar. It has also been used to treat kidney problems especially in diabetics with kidney disorders. It helps to enhance the filtration process and to strengthen weak kidneys and thus increase the evacuation rate of creatinine.

Dandelion Root

This herb is known as a herbal diuretic. It can help inactive kidneys by increasing urination. During the process of increasing urine output, the large amount of creatinine which can be regarded as waste products will dilute from blood.


Researches have used salvia on patients who were on dialysis for kidney failure and found that it increased the rate of which creatinine was filtered and evacuated from the body. They also noticed that it enhanced the circulation to the kidneys as well.

Chinese rhubarb

Chinese rhubarb can promote intestinal discharge so as to alleviate azotemia, reduce creatinine level and relieve other symptoms of renal failure.Besides, rhubarb can treat high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

Stinging Nettle seed

It has been proved that taking extract of stinging nettle seed has obvious effects on lowering serum creatinine and the effects can last for long time even when they stopped the herb.

The mentioned above is all the the available herbs which can reduce high creatinine level. A high creatinine level is not a problem itself but may be a symptom of an underlying medical problem. It is important that you consult a doctor for proper treatment of the condition. If you have no idea about how to deal with this condition, you can talk with our doctors online directly. Best wishes to you!

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