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What Are Creatinine Levels in Kidney Failure

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What Are Creatinine Levels in Kidney FailureKidney Failure has an inseparable relationship with high creatinine levels. Actually, they are interrelated and interact on each other. But it does not mean all elevated creatinine level indicate kidney disease. Well then, what are creatinine levels in renal failure?

Generally, creatinine level is used to measure how your kidneys work. It is the metabolic waste products of muscle movement and the meat products we eat. In right condition, it can be kept a reasonable range which is 0.5-1.1mg/dl for female and 0.6-1.1mg/dl for male. However, when kidneys are damaged, and elevated creatinine level will occur.

How does high creatinine level occur in kidney failure?

Kidney failure describes a serious medical condition in which kidneys fail to filter blood and work adequately. When the “blood-cleaners” are injured, high creatinine level will occur accordingly. What I want to emphasize is that since our kidneys have a strong compensatory ability and half of renal function can guarantee our body health. Therefore, onset of high creatinine level indicates more than 50% renal function have been damaged.

There are different creatinine levels in the different stages of kidney failure. You can see them clearly in the chart below.

Kidney failure stage Compensated stage Decompensated stage Advanced decompensated stage Uremia
Creatinine levels (mg/dl) 1.6~2.0 2.1~5.0 5.0~8.0 More than 8.0

Up to now, surely you have a certain understanding about creatinine levels in kidney failure. Well then, how to keep creatinine level from keeping rising or how to lower high creatinine levels for kidney failure patients?

At our Treatment center point, we mainly suggest patients with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is a combination of TCM and morden medical technology. What’s more, the herbs will not only cause any side effects to the human body. In addition, other treatments like full bath therapy, enema therapy, circle therapy and so on can also help excrete wastes out of the blood. If you are interested in them, please talk with our online doctors directly, or you can email to and best wishes to you!

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