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Is Creatinine 6.1 Dangerous for Patients with One Small Kidney

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Is Creatinine 6.1 Dangerous for Patients with One Small KidneyIs creatinine 6.1 dangerous for patients with one small kidney? This question come from a mother. Her 11 years old daughter are experiencing this condition. Well then, how about the result?

Creatinine is an important indicator to reflect how well your kidneys are functioning well. In normal condition, most of people have two kidneys which are responsible for removing the waste products and toxins from the body. Normally, the kidneys is about 10~12cm long, 5~6cm widen and 3~4cm thick. However, some of people are born with one kidney or one smaller kidney.

As a fact, even though the patients have one kidney, it is possible to live a normal life for them. But, once the only one kidney gets damage, then, patients begin to suffer from various discomforts and symptoms. And high creatinine 6.1 may be one of the performances.

What does creatinine 6.1 mean for patients with one small kidney?

Frankly speaking, high creatinine level is not easy to occur unless half of renal function has been lost. The normal creatinine level is about 0.6-1.2mg/dl for male and 0.5-1.1mg/dl for female. Compared to the normal range, 6.1 is much higher and it indicates that that half of renal function has been damaged. In other words, the kidney has been damaged severely. At this time, patients may need to rely on dialysis to lower high creatinine level. When you read here, surely you has know that creatinine 6.1 is very dangerous sign or symptom for patients with one small kidney.

Then, how to deal with this condition?

The only thing we can do is to prevent the further the kidney damage. To reach the goal, we recommend you a natural remedy called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an creation and innovation based on TCM because it is an external application of Chinese medical herbs. According to your condition, the different and effective herbs are put into the medical bags and then, lay the bags on the patient’s lower back. Under help of osmosis device, the active ingredients of Chinese medical herbs can permeate into kidney lesions. In such condition, the ingredients can repair kidney damage and recover renal function. And high creatinine level 6.1 will be reduced.

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