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Fruits and Vegetables to Reduce High Creatinine Level

2014-08-16 01:23| Font Size A A A

Fruits and Vegetables to Reduce High Creatinine LevelWhen your creatinine increases, it indicates that around 50% renal function has lost. Some patients may be told they should have strict restrictions on daily diet. What fruits and vegetables can help reduce high creatinine level?

Let’s see the overview of creatinine. Creatinine is one of reliable indicators to reflet how well your kidneys are working. It is usually accompanied with serious kidney damage. Therefore, if you or your loved one happen to be a patient with high creatinine level, you should have a friendly-kidney diet which won’t increase the burden of the kidneys. In view of this point, I recommend some available fruits and vegetables to you, so that you can well control your creatinine levels.

Available fruits and vegetables for high creatinine level patients.

Berries: Cranberry, blueberry, strawberry and some other fruits have antioxidant property that is able to protect kidneys and increase kidney output to some extent.

Vegetables: celery, carrot, eggplant, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, onions, rutabaga and white gourd and so on which are low-phosphorus. All of then have the diuretic effects which can remove the extra creatinine level from the body through the urine.

Actually, apart from low phosphorus and potassium, intake of protein should also be limited, because protein can produce urea which is a waste, putting more burdens on kidney. However, high quality protein can be eaten, because high quality protein contains much nutrition, and produces very few waste when decomposed. In addition, salt can increase blood pressure, affecting kidney function. Thus, low salt is very vital for patients with high creatinine level and chronic kidney disease.

What I want to emphasize is that combination of medical treatment and diet regulation are important for controlling creatinine levels. If you want to know more info, please talk with our online doctors directly, and we will try our best to help you.

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