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How to Make Serum Creatinine in Control

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How to Make Serum Creatinine in ControlHow to make serum creatinine in control? Nowadays, it has became a hot issue since it brings many discomforts and inconvenience to patients’ normal life. Do you have any good idea? If not, please read on and you will find out the answer. Or you can email us to to get more info.

In fact, before you start to think about how to reduce serum creatinine level, you must gain a certain level of understanding abut exactly what it is, how does high creatinine level in blood occur?

Well then, let’s see the what’s creatinine firstly?

Creatinine is what is produced when a muscle protein called creatine breaks down. After creatinine is produced, it is excreted out of the body through the kidneys. In addition, creatinine is also comes from the metabolism of meat products.

Second, how does high serum creatinine level occur?

Generally speaking, there are two major reasons that high creatinine in blood occur. On the on hand, it mainly happens when there is a kind of underlying problem with the kidneys as improper functioning can result in improper filtration. What’s more, serum creatinine levels are teated to check the condition of the kidneys. If the levels are abnormally high then could indicate a problem with the kidneys. On the other hand, if patients eat too much meat products, then creatinine level will also increase accordingly.

OK. Read here, you may have a well knowing of creatinine. Then, let’s have a look at are there any good methods to control serum creatinine level within a normal range?

Regular tests and treatment

Reducing elevated serum creatinine levels can be done through regular tests and treatment to monitor the level in time. And the doctor also may prescribes medicines to lower its high level.

Drink water

Aim to drink lots of water throughout the day, at least six glasses a day, because water is the best cleaner of our bodies. It can increase the urine output and lower high creatinine level.

Avoid high-protein food

Stay away from high-protein food, like dairy products, meat and fish. if you can not avoid eating these, considering constructing a protein tracker or planning your meals to regulate your intake of protein.

Hot Compress Therapy

It is the newest treatment for various symptoms induced by kidney disease. It makes full use of Chinese medical herbs. This is a natural remedy for patients with high creatinine level. Wanna more info, please talk with our Online Doctor directly. Good luck for you!

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