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Can A Person with High Creatinine Eat Peanut Butter

2014-07-20 01:56| Font Size A A A

Can A Person with High Creatinine Eat Peanut ButterPeanut butter is very popular among people because it can make your food more delicious and has numerous nutrients. However, it is always not a good option for everybody. Then, can a person with high creatinine eat peanut butter? Please keep reading and find out the answer.

The overview of high creatinine

Creatinine is an important indicator to reflect renal function. It is a metabolic product of our muscle and should be filtered out by the kidneys. So if you have high creatinine level, it has a high possibility that your kidneys are damaged. In this case, the injured kidney fail to do this job. As a result, high creatinine level will occur.

Can high creatinine people eat peanut butter?

Actually, whether they can eat peanut butter or not needs to see that whether eating peanut butter can cause further damage on the kidneys.

As a matter of fact, peanut butter contains a large amount of protein, fat and other substances. For kidney disease, they are not suggested to take much protein. Therefore, it is no doubt that eating peanut butter can increase the burden of the kidneys. Due to the decrease in kidney function, more protein patients eat, more protein will be leaked out, which will make the filtration pore of filtration membrane bigger and bigger and the kidney function worse and worse. And high creatinine level will more serious accordingly. Therefore, people with high creatinine leve are not suggested to take peanut butter. However, protein is a necessary part of our body. So in order to guarantee the body health, patients with high creatinine level can choose consume food with high-quality protein, like egg white, lean meat, milk and so on.

All in all, peanut butter is not a good best food which can lower high creatinine level. It’s my duty to tell you some fruits and herbs can reduce creatinine level. Wanna more further knowing, please talk with our Online Doctor directly. Also, you can leave a message to and we will try our best to help you.

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