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What Can Cause High Creatinine Levels In Blood

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What Can Cause High Creatinine Levels In BloodWhat does mean if you have high creatinine level? Many people who suffer this discomforts are very worried and confused. Then, what the hell is going on? Please read on and find more info.

Creatinine is the metabolic wastes of muscle and it should be filtered out of the body by our healthy kidneys. In addition, high creatinine level is one of important and reliable indicators to reflect renal function.

What can cause high creatinine level in blood?

On the one hand, for some patients with CKD (chronic kidney disease), their renal function will be damaged gradually by their disease, and when their kidney function is low enough, the metabolic wastes will build up in the body, including creatinine, which will cause patients have elevated high creatinine level. However, it is not easy to occur unless more than half of normal renal function are damaged. Because our kidneys have a strong compensation, and half of renal function is able to guarantee our body health.

On the other hand, although high creatinine level is always associated with kidney damage, not all of elevated creatinine level are singly caused by kidney damage. It can cause many factors. As we all know, creatinine is the breakdown product of muscle, it can also be produced by our daily diet. Therefore, if patients eat too much meat, high creatinine level will occur. If people take strenuous exercise, that can cause patient’s muscles to produce more creatinine, which can also cause patients to have high creatinine. Besides, if people have dehydration, that will also lead their creatinine level to increase.

Through above analysis, we can find that its primary cause is focus on severe kidney damage. By the way, in general conditions, the normal range of creatinine level is 0.5-1.1mg/dl for female and 0.6-1.2mg/dl for male. Once you find that your serum creatinine level is much higher than the normal range, it is important to do regular blood tests to monitor its tendence or you have to take effective and timely treatment to deal with this problem. If you have no idea about how to solve, please contact our Online Doctor directly or email us to and we will give you an individualized advice.

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