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Can Celery Seed Increase Serum Creatinine

2014-07-02 20:33| Font Size A A A

Can Celery Seed Increase Serum CreatinineFor high creatinine level patients, they have to be cautious about their daily diet so as to control their conditions. Can celery seeds increase serum creatinine? It is a common question among patients. Here, we will solve this problem, and please read on.

To be frank, celery seeds is helpful for reducing high creatinine level. As we all know, celery seeds are commonly used to as a spice or tea in our daily life. and it also has many medical values. In addition, creatinine is the metabolism of muscle and should be filtered out by kidneys. And high creatinine level is not easy to occur unless more than 50 precent of renal function are damaged. In other words, if there is something wrong with your kidneys, some wastes and toxins will build up in your body creatinine is easy to increase. Fortunately, for high creatinine patients with kidney disease, they can get numerous benefits from eating celery seeds. By the way, if you want more info about related diet, please leave a message on below or contact us to

Control high blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of leading causes of kidney disease and it can increase the further damage on kidneys. This seed contains 50 times of anti-hypertensive ingredients than celery. It can work to lower hypertension and reduce blood fat in short time. And compared to western medicines, it is a kind of natural antihypertensive drugs and has fewer side effects.

Diuretic efficiency

The excess urinations caused due to the diuretic nature of celery seeds helps flush out the toxins along with extra water from the body. The best benefit of this seed can clean the uric acid through urine. And along with increase of urination, excess creatinine will also be filtered out of the body\.


Celery seeds are also know to have anti-inflammatory agents. In our daily life, eating some celery seeds contributes to easing the gout and infections. Therefore, they are recommended to people with gout, urinary tract infection.

Through the above functions, patients’kidney damage will get well controlled and recovery by eating celery seeds. Once kidney function get improvement, kidneys can work well as they once did. And excess creatinine will be discharged and high creatinine level will be reduced gradually.

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