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Is A Creatinine 6 Indicative of Dialysis

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Is A Creatinine 6 Indicative of DialysisFor patients with kidney disease, high creatinine level is a common and dangerous sign, which often indicates the damage degree of kidney function. Well, Is a creatinine level 6 indicative dialysis? Let’s see have a look at this question.

As we all know, high creatinine level will occur when more than 50% renal function is damaged.

It is one of reliable indicators to reflect renal function and dialysis is an important way to reduce creatinine level and prolong patients’s lifespan.

How does high creatinine level occur?

Normally, our kidneys are responsible for removing wastes and toxins from the body, including creatinine (a breakdown product of muscle, and it will be filtrated out by kidney continuously), while for kidney disease patients, their damaged kidneys lose this ability, thus a large amount of harmful substances build up in the body and high creatinine level will also occur. In a word, the severe patient’s kidney damage is, the higher his creatinine will be.

Then, what is creatinine level when patients need to dialysis?

Generally speaking, there is an absolute and relative creatinine to determine dialysis. When absolute creatinine level to begin dialysis is higher than 8 and clearance rate of creatinine is below 5. When relative creatinine is higher than 6 and creatinine clearance rate below 15, dialysis may be needed. For healthy people, the normal range of creatinine is 0.5-1.1mg/dl for female and 0.6-1.2ml/dl for male. However, compared with the normal range, creatinine 6 is obviously much higher and it likely implies that you have a severe drop on renal function. In this regard, dialysis is widely used to remove out the metabolic wastes and clear blood.

However, dialysis can not lower creatinine level from the root. At our center point, we strongly recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. Compared to dialysis, this therapy is more safe, convenient, and effective. It has won good fame from patients from different countries. If you have elevated creatinine level and do not undergoing dialysis, you might as well try it, you will see an obvious improvement after a week treatment.

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