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Do High Creatinine Levels Always Mean You Have CKD

2014-06-13 12:02| Font Size A A A

Do High Creatinine Levels Always Mean You Have CKDFor patients with CKD, high creatinine is a dangerous sign, which often indicates severe kidney damage. Well then, patients with CKD may have this curiosity, do high creatinine levels always mean you have CKD?

As we know, it is important for patients with CKD to well control their creatinine level, and it has significant meaning if patients can lower their creatinine level. That is because creatinine is an important refelction of patient’s kidney function.

Why high creatinine in CKD is a dangerous sign?

Creatnine is metabolic product of muscle, and it should be filtrated out by kidney. For patients with CKD, their kidney function will be damaged gradually by their disease, and when their kidney function is low enough, the metabolic wastes will accumulate in patient’s body, including creatinine, which will cause patients to have high creatinne level.

However, it is not easy for patients with CKD to have high creatinine unless more than half normal kidney function is damaged, and that is because half normal kidney function will be able to guarantee our body health.

Do high creatinine levels always mean CKD?

Even though high creatnine is a dangerous sign, but it does not always mean patients have kidney damage due to CKD, because our body’s creatinine level can be affected by many factors.

Creatinine is the breakdown product of muscle, and it can also be produced by meat we take in our diet. Thereby, if patients take much meat in diet, that can also cause patients to have hgh creatinine. If people take strenuous exercise, that can cause patient’s muscles to produce more creatinine, which can also cause patients to have high creatinine. Besides, if people have dehydration, that will also lead their creatinine level to increase.

Thereby, high creatinine does not always means CKD, and it is necessary for patients to make sure the caues of their high creatinine, so patients can take effective measures when dealing with their condition.

Kidney disease is very dangerous, and patients should take measures actively to deal with their condition. If you need any help in dealing with your condition, you can contact our online experts. We will do what we can to help you.

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