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Does BUN Increase When GFR Decreases

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Glomerular Filtration Rate, GFR for short, is a reliable indicator of kidney function. When GFR decreases, it may indicate that kidney function has been affected. BUN is a waste product in blood. Does BUN increase when GFR decreases?

What will happen when GFR decreases?

Kidneys are responsible for discharging waste products and toxins in blood. They also play an important role in keeping balance of water and electrolyte. When GFR decreases, kidneys cannot well complete the functions. A serious of symptoms will follow as a consequence of low GFR, such as swelling, anemia, fatigue, itchy skin, proteinuria and so on.

Does BUN increase when GFR decrease?

BUN is the waste product of protein digestion and it should be filtered out by kidneys. When GFR decrease, BUN cannot be fully discharged. So they will accumulate in blood, causing high BUN level. Therefore, BUN will increase when GFR decrease.

How to lower increased BUN?

The accumulation of BUN in blood not only cause further damage to kidneys but also can affect the normal function of other organs. So it is important to lower the increased BUN.

Obviously, the lowered GFR is a leading cause of high BUN level. To lower BUN level, one method is to improve GFR. Then how to improve GFR?

Have you heard of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? This therapy is effective in dealing with kidney disease. The main goal it will achieve is to repair the damaged kidney lesions and improve kidney function. The damaged glomerular membrane basement can be repaired by this therapy, so the GFR will be improved and the extra BUN can be filtered out of the body.

This therapy is a natural therapy. It is safe and convenient. Patients can do it at home. If you want to know how it functions, you can ask the online doctors, they will tell you in detail. The BUN level increases when GFR decreases. In other words, high BUN leve indicate kidney problem to some extent. So regular blood test is necessary for you! Best wishes!

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