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How to Lower High Blood Urea Nitrogen in Diet

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Lower High Blood Urea Nitrogen in DietDo you know that blood urea nitrogen, the main advanced glycosylation end product of protein metabolism in human body can be temporarily rised by overmuch protein intake from diet? However, it is also one of the major methods to detect the condition of kidney damage when it unusually rises. Then how to Lower High Blood Urea Nitrogen in Diet?

As we all know, the normal range of Blood Urea Nitrogen is 9~20mg/dl, which will increase because of various kinds of renal parenchymal lesions such as Glomerulonephritis, Renal Failure and Interstitial Nephritis. It obviously rises when Glomerular Filtration Rate drops to 1/3~1/2 of the normal level, which indicates renal injury that Blood Urea Nitrogen can not be removed out of blood normally, thus bringing much difficulties for patients to lower high Blood Urea Nitrogen in diet.

While insisting medicine treatment, patients should seek for more powerful adjuvant therapy, and diet is one of the effevtive methods which can help you to succeed. (Other ways to lower BUN please consult our live doctor.)

In general, light food is prefered when is compared with those excessive in protein. Meanwhile, plenty of water and food with high quality protein are also needed.

More detailed recommendations to lower high Blood Urea Nitrogen in diet are as follows:

1.Limit purine intake by eating less animal organs, seafoods and meats.

2.Control protein supply properly by eating food with high quality protein.

3.Eat less meat especially animal fat which can inhibit the discharge of uric acid.

4.Foods which are abundant in carbohydrate and vitamin are welcomed such as cereals, fruits and vegetables.

5.Pay attention to the limitation of tobacco and alcohol which may damage kidneys and blood vessels.

6.Avoid overstrain, tension and joint injury in order to reduce inducing factors.

The content above is the customary method to lower high Blood Urea Nitrogen in diet. Actually, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is able to play the role more fundamentally by repairing renal injury and restoring renal function. If you want to know more about personalized schemes, please leave a message or talk to our online service for free to get detailed answers.

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