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How to Decrease Blood Urea by Diet

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How to Decrease Blood Urea by DietJust like creatinine level in the blood, blood urea can also reflect kidney condition. If it is higher than normal, some managements are needed to lower it. Correct diet can just decrease blood urea to some extent.

In addition to kidney problem, elevated blood urea level can be caused by many other conditions such as dehydration and high-protein diet. Therefore, it is quite necessary to find out the underlying cause that can guide dietitians to arrange right diet plan. Today, we mainly talk about food therapy for decreasing high blood urea due to kidney disease.

The basic dietary suggestions are to reduce the burden on kidneys and protect kidneys from further damage. In view of this, patients should develop a low-sodium and low-protein diet plan. Decreased protein intake can reduce the formation of urea, one terminal product of protein metabolism.

Some foods can help increase urine output, so as to take away more waste products and toxins. During this process, urea is also eliminated from the body. What foods have this property? Many fruits and vegetables in our daily life can help play this function. For example, bitter gourd, cranberry, cucumber, and so on, just has the property of lowering blood urea level. However, when patients consume these foods, they should pay attention to their potassium level. If it is higher than the normal, they should limit their intake amount.

Some other foods are proven to be effective on improving kidney condition and helping increase glomerular filtration rate. Common foods with this property include corn silk, pomegranate, and so on. Hopefully, these foods can help do something for you to deal with your urea level.

The above are some foods that can help decrease high BUN level. To get a food list in detail, email to Then, you can get the answer in 24 hours.

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