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Does Purine Contribute to Increasing BUN Level

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Does Purine Contribute to Increasing BUN LevelDiet is very important to keep our health in our daily life. And a proper and nutritious diet plan is also essential for people with high BUN level (a common symptom of kidney disease). Well then, does purine contribute to increasing BUN level?

The overview of BUN level.

BUN, short for blood urea nitrogen, is the end product of the protein metabolism. And it is an indication of renal (kidney) health and normally, it can be kept within the normal range by the healthy kidneys. The normal range of creatinine level is between 1.8 and 7.1 mmol/L. The main causes of an increase in BUN are: high protein diet,decrease in glomerular filtration rate (GFR), hypovolemia, heart failure, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, fever and increased catabolism.

Does purine contribute to increasing BUN level?

Yes! The answer is certain. As I said at the above, blood urea nitrogen is made when protein is broken down in the body. And high-purine food can produce more urea nitrogen, which can worsen illness condition and raise blood urea nitrogen level. Therefore, patients with high BUN should limit the intake of high purine foods. These foods like animal organs, seafoods, meat, hyacinth, spinach, peanut, lentil, etc, all can contribute to high BUN levels. So it is very important to reduce these foods in your daily diet.Now, we can see that purine indeed can increase blood urea nitrogen level.

Well hen, aside from purine, is there any other restrictions on their diet?

First, low protein diet is very important to control BUN within the normal range.

Second, a correct water intake can help discharge wastes from the body to some extent.

Third, eating more fruits with contain vitamin C can help protect renal function and strengthen immune system.

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