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Does High BUN Level Mean Kidney Disease

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BUN, also blood urea nitrogen, is a main indicator of kidney function. Urea nitrogen is the end metabolic product of protein. It is filtrated by glomerular, the main component of kidney, and then discharged through urine. So if the filtration function of kidney is lowered, the urea nitrogen is elevated, that is the high blood urea(BUN). So usually high BUN level means kidney disease.

Kidneys help remove the metabolic waste and toxins from the blood and discharge them out of our body through urine. With damaged kidney, the glomerular filtration rate(GFR) will be lowered and these waste product cannot be well discharged and they will build up in blood. In the early stage of kidney damage, the BUN could be in the normal range, only when the GFR declines below 50%, the BUN level rises.

Because BUN is the metabolic by-product of protein, so if you have high BUN level, you should control the protein intake. Too much protein will produce too much urea nitrogen which will further increase the damage to kidney. The suggested amount of protein intake everyday should be 40-50g. Vegetable protein is not advised for it will produce a lot of waste product after broken down. Bean products is rich in vegetable protein. High quality protein is your best choice, like meat, fish, eggs, and milk.

What you should know is that if you are dialysis patients, you cannot limit protein intake because on one hand, dialysis will help remove the waste in blood and on the other hand, some protein will be removed too.

Make sure that the supply of carbohydrate and fat are enough to reduce the consumption of protein. The appropriate daily supply is 30Kca every body weight.

Besides diet, the most important thing to lower high BUN level is to improve kidney function. Only with normal kidney function, the wastes which build up in blood can be excreted and the high BUN level will be lowed naturally. Recently, a new therapy Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is applied in clinic, which shows a good effect in treating kidney disease and improving kidney function.

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