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How to Use Herbs to Reduce Blood Urea Nitrogen

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How to Use Herbs to Reduce Blood Urea NitrogenNowadays, more and more people are looking for natural herbs to reduce elevated blood urea nitrogen levels. Then, how to use herbs to relieve the symptom?

Blood urea nitrogen, short for BUN, is an index of kidney function. It can show whether your kidneys do a good job. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is a product of protein, normally, the extra blood urea nitrogen should be discharged out of the body by the healthy kidneys. Here, nephrologist who work in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease, China suggest the following herbs which can lower urea nitrogen level.

Cinnamon tea

It can be regarded as a natural diuretic which helps increase the urine output and dilute the amount of urea in the blood by increasing the excretion of urinary waste at a quicker rate.

Siberian ginseng

It is often used with cinnamon to revitalize the kidneys and to lower blood urea levels. Siberian ginseng is very helpful in treating kidney disease by stimulating the circulation to the kidneys.

Dandelion Root

It can be regraded as a mild diuretic which can increase urine output and have no damage on kidneys. Consequently, patients can lower elevated BUN level by excreting urine.

Besides to take them by oral, In our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, we also create a series of external application of Chinese medicine like Medicated Bath.

It can be applied in the whole body or focal part of the body like feet, hands, etc. You will be soaked in the medical soup with the high temperature about 37 to 40 degrees centigrade. The herbal medicine in the bath soup can expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation and discharge the wastes and toxins from the body through the promoting massive sweat.

In addition, other externally applied like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Hot Compress Therapy also can be regarded as good choices. If you want to learn them in details, you can email to or you can leave a message below directly.

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