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Diet to Prevent Elevated BUN/ Creatinine

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Diet to Prevent Elevated BUN/ Creatinine Diet plays a significant role in maintaining and strengthening the body health. Both BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and Creatinine level are indicators to reflect the kidneys’ health condition. Well then, what diet can prevent elevated BUN and creatinine level?

Actually, kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from high BUN and high creatinine level, choosing correct foods to eat is quite crucial. If you want to know more info about diets, please talk with our online doctors for free and professional help.

To know which kind food is good for you, you had better make clear the basics info about creatinine and BUN. Creatinine is the breakdown of creatine phosphate during muscle metabolism, while the BUN is a kind of product of protein metabolism. Normally, healthy kidneys are responsible to discharge these waste products from the body. However, when kidney can’t do its work normally, creatinine and urea level in the blood will increase.

Basic dietary suggestions

The proper diet is though to have the protective effect on kidneys. Low -protein diet is necessary to follow the burden of kidneys. You are also suggested to consume low-sodium diet to prevent water-retention and high blood pressure. In addition, you should also pay attention to the intake of fluid, fat, phosphorus and potassium. As for the amount of nutrition you can take in, it should depend on your medical condition. Here, we recommend you to attach your test report to and our kidney dietitian will give you some personalized advices after analyzing your case.

In our daily life, there are many certain foods which are good for lowering creatinine and BUN levels, such as berries, cucumber, bitter gourd, white gourd, cranberry juice, nettle leave tea and so on. We sincerely hope you can recover and live a healthy and happy life.

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