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Does Elevated BUN Always Mean Kidney Failure

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Does Elevated BUN Always Mean Kidney FailureBUN, short for blood urea nitrogen, is often ordered with creatinine when kidney problems are suspected. In other words, it is an indicator to reflect how well the kidneys are functioning. Well then, does elevated BUN always mean Kidney Failure?

The overview of BUN

Blood urea nitrogen is the end products of protein metabolism in our body. Generally, the healthy kidneys are responsible to discharge the extra waste products from the body. A BUN test reveals important info about how well your kidneys and liver are working.

What does BUN mean?

For a healthy adult, his normal range should be in the range in the 6 to 20mg/dl (3.2-7.1mmol). Once its value is more than the normal range, it is possible to imply that there is something wrong with your kidneys. Because high BUN level is always closed with kidney condition.

In addition, kidney failure is a common cause of high BUN, but it is not only the cause. Other factors such as high protein intake, severe dehydration and hepatorenal syndrome also can cause elevation of BUN. In this light, it is important to find out the underlying causes of your high BUN levels, so that you can find the effective treatment to solve the question from the root.

Is High BUN level dangerous sign for kidney failure patients?

As the mentioned above, high BUN level is a reliable indicator to reflect renal function. Normally, each of our kidney is composed one million nephron. In initial stage of kidney disease, only a small amount of kidney tissues are damaged and at that moment, residual nephron are effective enough to discharge excess urea nitrogen and maintain a normal BUN level. In fact, similar with serum creatinine, BUN level increases usually when a half of renal function is affected. Only for kidney failure patients, high BUN always indicated serious kidney damages.

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