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How Does A Renal Disease Patient Lower High BUN level

2014-06-29 19:54| Font Size A A A

How Does A Renal Disease Patient Lower High BUN levelBUN is short of blood urea nitrogen and as the creatinine level, it is also one of important measurers to reflect renal function. Elevated BUN is very commonly seen when there is something wrong with your kidneys. Then, for a kidney disease patient, how to lower its high level?

What does high BUN mean?

BUN is the metabolic wastes of protein, and it should be filtrated out by kidney. As we all know, Our kidney is an important organ, which is in charge of our body’s internal metabolic balances. For patients with kidney disease, they will have high BUN when their kidney function is damaged severely. It is bot easy for patients to have high BUN unless more than half normal renal function is damaged. Why? Because our kidneys have strong metabolic ability, and half normal kidney function will be able to guarantee our body health. Thereby, if patients begin to have high BUN due to kidney damage, that means at least half normal kidney function has been damaged at this point.

How to deal with elevated BUN levels?

As mentioned above, blood urea nitrogen is the metabolic wastes of protein. Therefore, patients should adjust their protein intake to control BUN levels. Besides, there are many aspects should be considered by patients with kidney disease in their diet, which can make significant influence in protecting patient’s remaining kidney function and improving patient’s overall condition. More detailed diet plan, you can contact our Live Doctor directly.

To reduce BUN levels from the root, the treatment should focus on the underlying causes. In other words, the key is how to repair kidney damage and enhance renal function. To reach this goal, Immunotherapy is highly offered to you. It combines Western medicine and Chinese herbs to work on eliminating various symptoms and enhance kidney function. It is the new and effective treatment to remove the wastes and toxins out of the body, thus lowering high BUN level. If you have no idea about how to deal with your high BUN level, please feel free to contact us by emailing us to


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