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What Foods Cause High Level of Urea Nitrogen in CKD

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What Foods Cause High Level of Urea Nitrogen in CKDChronic Kidney Disease should pay closely attention to their diet, especially those foods causing high level of urea nitrogen. There are some tips for you to avoid these foods.

Why high level of urea nitrogen occurs?

Urea nitrogen is a kind of metabolic waste. In normal condition, it can be filtered by kidney and excreted through urine. In early stage of CKD, the urea nitrogen is still at normal level. However, when the GFR value is under 50%, the urea nitrogen level will go up.

What Foods can cause high level of urea nitrogen?

Urea nitrogen is an end product of protein, while protein is an important nutrient to our body. Therefore, patients should avoid extra protein intake on the premise of enough protein to maintain patients’ health.

1. Foods high in purine can contribute to this symptom. Patients had better stay away from high-purine foods, such as animal giblets, sea food, meat, lentil, peanut and spinach.

2. Legumes are high in plant protein. Protein in plant usually can’t provide all the necessary protein to patients. Thus, for enough protein supply, patients should choose some high quality protein, such as egg white, fish and milk.

3. Rice and flour are energy source for patients, but they also contain plant protein. Patients should choose some low protein starch, such as low protein rice flour, corn starch and lotus root starch.

If you want a detailed diet to lower urea nitrogen level based on your condition, you can fill out the table below.

In addition to reduce the intake of protein, some other methods also can help to alleviate this symptom:

1. Take some alkaline foods, such as cabbage, radish, carrot, potato and apple.

2. Avoid overwork or stressing out.

3. Avoid dehydration.

We believe choric kidney disease patients can lower urea nitrogen level, if they follow the above advice. Any other help, you can contact our online doctors.

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