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How to Deal with Creatinine 2.7 and Proteinuria in Glomerulonephritis

2014-03-02 23:34| Font Size A A A

"I was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis recently and the medical report show serum creatinine 2.7, meanwhile, there are lots of protein in urine, Is this serious? Any useful advices?” About several days ago, a patient from India consulted our experts such a question, fortunately, experts here bring him with good news.

As its name implies, glomerulonephritis is characterized by damage to the filtering units-glomerular of the kidneys. Accompanied with it’s progression, the diseased kidneys will not be able to remove wastes and extra fluid from the body. In its’ advanced stage, they may stop working, resulting in complete kidney failure.

To be frank, creatinine 2.7 indicates moderate decline of GFR. As for proteinuria, the quantity will increase constantly with time. Well, how to deal with this problem?

Mostly, medications like prednisone will be used to refrain inflammatory response of the glomeruli. However, long-term or high doses of these drugs may lead to some side effects.

At our center, we suggest patients with a natural treatment named Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Compared with the above mentioned drugs, it focus on repairing damaged renal cells and improving kidney function. What’ more, it will not cause any side effects to the human body. Besides, each herbal formula is prescribed on the specific condition. If you have interest in this, please tell us more about your condition and email to Then our experts will contact you as early as possible.

Additionally, you also need to:

1. Bring blood pressure under control and manage it within 130/80mm Hg.

2. Follow a healthy diet to lighten the workload of kidneys, for instance, low salt diet, low protein diet, etc. Wanna to get an individualized advice, please click here Free Online Doctor!

3. Take moderate exercises to strengthen the immunity and keep a positive attitude towards life.

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