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Treatment for Lupus Nephritis with Protein in Urine

2013-11-28 10:31| Font Size A A A

Lupus nephritis is a complication of lupus. It occurs when SLE attacks your kidneys, especially the filtration part. Lupus nephritis is an autoimmune disease. It will cause high blood pressure, swelling, blood urine and protein in urine. So what is the treatment for lupus nephritis with protein in urine?

Why does it cause protein in urine?

The kidney is the main filtration part of our body. When lupus attacks kidney, it will cause damage to some functions of kidney. Once the filtration part is damaged, especially the glomerulus, the waste products and toxins cannot be removed from the blood. The accumulation of the waste products and toxins in blood will further damage the kidney in return.

The kidney also plays an important role in keeping protein in blood. Once the glomerulus is damaged, the protein will leak out and be discharged through urine. Therefor there will be protein in urine.

Treatment for lupus nephritis with protein in urine.

Diet treatment. If you are diagnosed with protein in urine, you should take less protein. Because the kidney cannot keep protein in blood, protein will leak out to urine, so the condition of protein in urine will become more serious. You are suggested to take high-quality protein, like fish, egg white, lean meat and dairy products.

low-sodium foods are also recommended to reduce the risk of swelling. Less protein in blood can not keep water in blood, so water will leak out to the tissue space, causing swelling. High sodium foods will increase sodium-water retention, which will increase swelling.

Immunotherapy. This therapy is designed for autoimmune disease. It aims at regulating immune system. There are six steps in this therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is included. It can repair the damaged kidney lesions and improving kidney functions.

Once the immune system is enhanced and kidney function is improved, the condition of protein in urine will be eliminated.

Treatment for lupus nephritis with protein in urine is a comprehensive process. you should consult your doctor or you can ask the online doctor for what should be noted.

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