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The Lifespan and Treatment of Latent Nephritis

2013-10-18 10:37| Font Size A A A

Latent nephritis is a common clinical type of primary glomerular disease. It was named after its mild clinical manifestations or no symptoms at all. It is no obvious symptoms in clinic, but appears persistent mild proteinuria and recurrent or persistent hematuria. The majority of patients have no obvious symptoms and signs of latent nephritis, only some patients can have backache, weak, macroscopic haematuria and other atypical manifestation. Next, we will talk about the lifespan and treatment of latent nephritis.

In fact, patients should not worry too much about the problem of “how long can they live". This disease could be cured with timely and reasonable treatment. But the nursing work after recovery is very important. (Please contact free online service to get more detail about nursing work.) Because of medical development, perfect and effective treatment measures, all the complications can be controlled and the death rate dropped significantly which accounts for about 5% ~ 10%.

Although there are various treatments for latent nephritis, the really effective one is rarely. Hormone therapy is widely used now. However, hormone not only produces side effects, but also drug dependence after long-term’s use. Therefore, hormones are not the best choice for latent nephritis.

Expert points out that drugs have damage to the kidneys should be avoided in treatment. TCM is an alternative option for latent nephritis patients. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is designed to improve the self-cure of damaged cells and the filtering ability of glomeruli by using specific herbs which have no side effects. The effect of this therapy stays in the social air waves for years on end.

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