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Nephritis: Swelling and Proteinuria Controlled Well by Chinese Medicine Treatment

2017-06-22 16:02| Font Size A A A

Nephritis: Swelling and Proteinuria Controlled Well by Chinese Medicine TreatmentNephritis is a common kidney disease, and patients will get swelling and proteinuria. If the symptoms cant be controlled well, it can worsen the disease and cause further kidney damage. So patients should take effective treatment to control the symptoms with nephritis. In this article, we will introduce the Chinese medicine treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital.

Aunt Zheng is 66 years old, and she was found swelling in lower legs 5 years ago, then she was diagnosed with nephritis in local hospital. After taking oral Chinese medicine for half a month, her swelling disappeared, so she got discharged from local hospital. However, 1 year ago, due to overwork and tiredness, she got swelling again, and her proteinuria was 3+ with hematuria 1+. although she took the oral Chinese medicine treatment for 1 month, her swelling couldn’t be controlled well this time, the proteinuria was still between 3+-2+. In order to take further treatment, her son took her to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital.

When she just came to hospital, she got severe swelling in legs, and her body weight was as high as 60.5 g due to fluid retention. Besides, her 24 hour urine protein was 5.33 g.

The doctor helped analyzed her condition, she had severe swelling and proteinuria, and the symptoms relapsed again again, which is mainly caused by toxins accumulation in body and low kidney function, so the treatment should focus on controlling the symptoms and also clear toxins our in blood. Then her disease can be controlled or even cured. Then the doctor made a systematic treatment plan for her, which is the featured Toxin-Removing Treatment in China. If you want to learn the details of treatment, you can send e-mail to, or contact with whatsapp +8613633219293.

After taking a period of treatment, aunt Zheng’s condition got great improvements, her body weight reduced 3.5 kg with relieved swelling. And her 24 hour urine protein reduced to 0.96 g after the treatment. Now her condition got great improvements, and she was very satisfied with the curative effects.

Therefore, we know that the Chinese medicine treatment is a good choice for nephritis patients to control swelling and proteinuria. Hope more and more nephritis can get benefits from this treatment.

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